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Let’s gather around the table after a long year.

If you’re like me you live in a small home where having thanksgiving around a large table isn’t an option. Many designers are sharing their beautiful bounty of table settings but I actually don’t have a table so I rendered one!

Modern Dining rooms in 2020 and coming up on 2021 will be more intimate, trying to recreate that feeling of a dining event. The purpose or really the push towards this trend is the fact that we can’t go out as much as we like too. Many of us, this thanksgiving will be the first time we have a few friends over in months. Or if we live in some areas we are having a smaller get together with limited family members.

For me, it will be drastically different than years past. Typically in my family, we go to my great-grandfathers and have about 40 family members gathered around. The massive gathering of the family of course can’t happen this year so we will be having Thanksgiving at my mom’s with just about 6 of us. Intimacy, warmth, and change; would be the three words I think of to describe the reasons why the dining room will change after this thanksgiving.

As you can see I designed this dining room as a more formal dining space (not open to another space). This allows for dining experiences to be intentional and family orientated. These aspects have become so important to the family during this year as hardships have filled the year. Coming together, focused on the blessing of family is what each of us wants for a Thanksgiving meal even if it’s just for a table of two, which is what this table is set for.

Today I set my rendered table and welcome you to join me in thankfulness for the blessings that have come to each of us during this year. Let us come sit at the table and give thanks!

Grey Hunt Interiors and Kendall Wilkinson Design teamed up this year to support Feeding America. The community spirit is filling up social media and helping provide hot meals in time for Thanksgiving. Join us on Instagram #showmeyourtable!

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November 16, 2020

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