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Modern Transitional | Comfortable. Classic. Curated | Interior Design Style Quiz

Modern Transitional | Lauren Ashley Design

Style Description : 

You take notes from the past and the present. You’ve been there and done that. You are a classic piece of beauty that stands out from the crowd. You’ve curated your design from mid-century design with the warmth and texture that your family desires. You choose color palettes that are classic, nothing too bright, muted tones are your best friend.


Sofa with Plant and Art | Lauren Ashley Design

Modern transitional incorporates a modern style with a classic, comfortable, and warm look. This enables one to incorporate different pieces that help make a space welcoming and comfortable. While modern pieces can be used, they are not trendy, but classic. Neutral colors and patterns add to the space without distracting. Modern Transitional allows for a relaxing space that everyone can enjoy.

Key Elements of Modern Transitional:

·         Comfortable

·         Classic

·         Curated

·         Timeless

·         Warm tones

·         Relaxed

·         Neutral

Incorporating Modern Transitional

Incorporating Modern Transitional | Lauren Ashley Design | Design Style Quiz

The use of modern pieces with a mix of classic, timeless pieces helps make a space feel current but timeless at the same time. Warm and neutral colors and tones help make a space welcoming. Adding wood accents, such as a side table or console table, can help add contrast as well as provide a space to display favorite pieces. The use of texture and simple patterns can add to the feeling of warmth as well as provide your space with an interesting contrast. This can be done with the use of pillows, rugs, and artwork. Modern Transitional allows your space to tell your story while being welcoming and warm. 


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About Me

Lauren Brantley, Lauren Ashley Design

Lauren started her career as an e-designer in college. She transitioned her company into a DVA services business, assisting other designers, architects, and contractors quickly growing a strong clientele. Her heart’s passion is rendering but what makes her DVA business different is marketing strategies. Lauren truly believes in the power of marketing your business as a DVA or interior designer is the way to success.
Over recent years, Lauren has become proficient in graphic design tools like Canva and Photoshop and she is ready to share what she has learned with you! She uses these tools daily in her life as a DVA, with her design clients and her personal projects. Helping you build a professional visual presentation to stand apart from the rest is what she lives for. 

Lauren holds a Bachelors’s Degree in Interior Design, a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication Design, and beginning her Ph.D. in Strategic Media this summer. With over 5 years under her belt in the E-design industry, she knows what it takes for your graphics and designs to catch the eye of your ideal client. Contact her today for questions or 1:1 training

Sofa with plant and art

August 17, 2021

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