As a Design Virtual Assistant, each day is exciting we never know what project or design style we will be working with next. Often we are in another part of the country working embracing another culture virtually. I’ve been able to virtually travel to Florida, California, New York, Arkansas, many places all over the country.

The opportunity arose for me to help on a project that is unlike any other, a Virtual Showhouse. The Seasonal Living Magazine’s Luxury Virtual Designer Showhouse was the creation of Seasonal Living’s Gary Pettitt. The opportunity to work on such a momentous project is surreal and I am honored.


About the Showhouse

Gary Pettitt, Founder, and CEO of Seasonal Living Magazine is the innovative creator of the entire project. Once the pandemic hit this nation Gary realized that manufacturers and designers would need new innovative outlets to find products. Realizing this, what was a dream/idea, he formed the virtual showhouse.

When the pandemic hit, I realized that not only my business, but all other manufacturing businesses within the furniture and kitchen and bath industries were going to be seeking fresh, innovative and safe new ways to reach our customers. Further, I wanted to find new and innovative ways that we could bring product manufacturers and world-class designer talent together to create enhanced ways for both sides of the industry to work closely together. – Gary Pettitt

After joining forces with Leslie Carothers, Gary recruited Jenna Gaidusek, founder and CEO of The eDesign Platform to use their software to render the entire showhouse. As a member of the edesign platform rendering team, under the Director of 3d Modeling, Sarah Durnez, I was invited to help alongside the team. My role in the project came months later due to several factors including that I didn’t join the design rendering team until June. Sarah Durnez and Annilee Waterman were already well into this project by then. My role has been to help them complete this project. I have had the opportunity to complete some of the models that will be part of bringing together the designer’s vision into the 3d space.

I’ve had the honor to work on Featured designer Michelle Jennings Wiebe‘s Ocean View Lounge. Also work on models from Sponsors Universal, Robin Baron Design, and Global Views.

The Designers

Being able to bring each designer’s vision to life with the help of our team has been quite a job and an adventure! These designers truly captured the heart of this project. These designers came from many different walks of life, cultures, and parts of the country. Being able to assist these designers in making their visions come to life has been an experience unlike any other.

Some of these designers I know personally and have had the privilege of working with. Congrats again to each of you!

Hand picked by Leslie Carothers, these designers are incredibly talented and expert content creators.

Carla Aston, Robin Baron, Arianne Bellizaire, Jeanne Khoe Chung, Gloribell Lebron, Ariana Afshar Lovato, Rachel Moriarty, Laura Muller, Veronica Solomon, Erika Ward, and Michelle Jennings-Wiebe

The Sponsers

Sherwin-Williams, Universal Furniture, Signature Kitchen Suite, Cosentino,Global Views,Fabricut,Nathan Anthony, Robin Baron Design, Niermann Weeks, The Howard Elliott Collection,Minka Group, Jaipur Living, Revel Woods, Stressless and Seasonal Living.

The Event

Thursday, Dec. 3rd at 6 pm ET the showhouse will be debuted live. Hosted by Luann Nigara, host of America’s #1 rated podcast for interior designers, A Well Designed Business, one of my favorite podcasts!

Afterward, the showhouse will live and breathe in the special edition magazine and you will be able to view it anytime you would like!


Further Reading:

I highly recommend reading these blogs from these lovely designers I know and have had the privilege of working with. Been such a great experience to have us all working together on this project. I truly believe this project has not just enabled the designer to have a new way to visualize showhouses but has brought together the community during this tough time.

Robin Baron wrote this fabulous post on her ZOOM ROOM she is creating

Annilee Waterman wrote this informative post on how the process started and her role.

Gary’s vision has truly been brought to life with Sarah Durnez at the head and Annilee Watermans work on the architectural side (Read more about her design development here). These ladies has become my dear friends. It is such a blessing to see their hard work come to life. I am thankful to have the work alongside them recently in completing this amazing project. I look forward to seeing each of my readers at the VIP Event on December 3rd! Register NOW!

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