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Japandi Dining Room | Lauren Ashley Design by Kori Kalkbrenner

What is Japandi Interior style?

Japandi is an interior style that works like a perfect marriage between simplicity and nature with the common interest of minimalism. Bringing the best from two different sides of the globe – Scandinavia and Japan, to one calming fusion called Japandi or Scandi-Japanese style.

Fusion style is often hard to master. As the world moves forward into minimalistic living, fusion styles like japandi come back. A few years back when I first started seeing japandi style I wasn’t sure about it. Fusion styles are typically not my cup of tea. However, the clean lines and natural textures of japandi work perfectly well with today’s environment, especially in the dining space.

The Key Elements of Japandi:

  • Clean lines.
  • Functional minimal furniture.
  • Decluttered space.
  • Natural materials.
  • Functional accessories.

Bringing Japandi into your Dining Space :

When creating a dining space influence by both Scandinavian and Japanese culture be sure to keep the key elements mentioned above in mind, natural elements and clean lines. Don’t be afraid to use elements like rattan or even a rug where you usually wouldn’t!

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This design was created by our lovely intern Kori Kalkbrenner from the Spring 2021 semester. She was a joy to have and we can’t wait to see where her design journey takes her!

About Kori :

 Kori Kalkbrenner is an aspiring interior designer.  Kori is from a small town in Illinois, currently a student at Liberty University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design.  Throughout her life, she loved working on home DIY’s and being creative.  She has a strong passion for design and says it does not feel like a 9-5 for her… it’s a passion. She has been such a joy and soft spirit while she has been here I can’t wait for you all to see more from Kori.

June 7, 2021

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