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It has been a good while since we have done a home tour, I have decided since the summer months have hit let’s do a beach house! Why not

Modern Rustic Coastal Sanctuary | Home Tour | Part 1 | Lauren Ashley Design

Inspiration :

Recently I have been really inspired by how celebrity designers like Studio Mcgee and Amber Interiors are using dark wood tones and an abundance of texture throughout their designs. For my designs recently, I have decided to take it a step further with the addition of mixed patterns.

Modern Rustic Coastal Sanctuary | Home Tour | Part 1 | Lauren Ashley Design

Usually, for me, this pattern mixer is a tad bold. However, for this home design I have found a way to make it neutral. When mixing patterns, I make sure that all the patterns are in a similar color family. A simple design choice can make a huge impact throughout the design.

Modern Rustic Coastal Sanctuary | Home Tour | Part 1 | Lauren Ashley Design

Modern Rustic

Okay now let’s examine my definition of the style of this home, Modern Rustic. Modern Rustic style has taken on many different views over the past decade. Most recently, I have seen the style evolve into an envelope of styles. I could write a whole blog post on why I believe there are different terms for Modern Rustic but that’s for another day. Today, let’s talk about what section of the envelope we are honing in on. For the coastal home tour, we took Modern notes from the Nordic style but you will also see rustic touches in the natural textural elements. Mixed metals throughout continue to bring in the modern accents. Wood fireplace and beams bring me back home and keeps this coastal cottage warm during those cool nights.

Here is the 720 walkthrough! Enjoy!

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June 4, 2021

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