Small Business Highlight | Carolina Pipe Creations | Christmas Rendered 2021

Christmas Rendered has begun, and this year is a little different because we are highlighting Small Businesses. To encourage other designers to shop small this holiday season, Lauren Ashley Design will be highlighting small businesses throughout the country. I will say that these small businesses did not pay me to speak about their companies or ask for any collaboration. I saught these businesses out because I genuinely loved their mission and product. As I have said before, the Christmas Rendered event is not sponsored, and we do not have any additional help besides my husband and I. I hope you will support these curated businesses, and this post encourages you to shop small this holiday season.

Carolina Pipe Creations

Steve Smith is my fun-loving uncle who just happens to be quite the artist. I guess one would say my whole family is artistic in some way or the other. However, Steve has always been able to craft beautiful furniture pieces from rustic materials. Currently, Steve is using pipes to create amazing furniture that I have in my own home.

Steve’s tables, lamps, and tables will be featured throughout the Christmas Rendered home bringing a sense of tradition and rustic elements. You can purchase Steves furniture or find out more by contacting Granny Clampetts. Granny Clampett’s is one of our Small Business features as well, check out their feature here.

How can you support Carolina Pipe Creations?

1. Stop By!

My family would love to meet you in person at their location, Pilot Mountian, NC. Even if you are not in the area, designers (if you are headed to High Point) Pilot Mountain is only an hour’s way from High Point, and it is actually on the way if you are coming 52 south! I am sure they would love to meet you and tell you some stories! The charming little town is a great stopping point to take a breather and see what all the Blue Ridge has to offer.

2. Share, Share!

If you have resonated with my uncle’s pieces, share it with someone you know! If you know someone local, share it with them.


  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom

Check out the VR Tours During the Event and see if you can spot these items!!



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