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Christmas Rendered has begun, and this year is a little different because we are highlighting Small Businesses. To encourage other designers to shop small this holiday season, Lauren Ashley Design will be highlighting small businesses throughout the country. I will say that these small businesses did not pay me to speak about their companies or ask for any collaboration. I saught these businesses out because I genuinely loved their mission and product. As I have said before, the Christmas Rendered event is not sponsored, and we do not have any additional help besides my husband and I. I hope you will support these curated businesses, and this post encourages you to shop small this holiday season.

Enchanted Paints

About Malak

My name is Malak Qubaisi, I’m a healthcare worker based in Dublin, Ireland. Art has always been a passion of mine; unfortunately, I never got the chance to pursue it professionally until the pandemic. During the lockdown, I learned the importance of having a cozy environment that fosters good mental health; a space that encourages creativity and evokes positive energy. I wanted to add paintings to my apartment to enchant my living space and that’s when I started Enchanted Paints. I found a lot of fulfillment in creating these unique pieces for the seasons and I hope they bring a touch of enchantment to your living space!

Malak’s, work was featured in our living room for Christmas rendered. The art piece added the perfect touch of whimsy that the space needed to complete the space. I want to note as well, when I contacted Malak to let her know I would be featuring her art in Christmas Rendered, she reacted in the humblest and kind manner. I have truly met such a kind and genuine person that is a world away from that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. She is a small business owner that you want to support with her passion and deminer.

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How can you support Enchanted Paints?

Share, Share!

If you have resonated with Malak’s Art, share them with someone you know or maybe a fellow designer!

Consider Her Art

Now that you’ve seen her art, possibly add them to your sourcing list and consider them when sourcing out products for your clients. Being able to support fellow women in busienss in this way is a great way to come together in our industry.

Check out the VR Tours During the Event and see if you can spot these items!!



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