Why Designers Should Shop Small This Holiday Season | And in 2022

Partnering with Small Businesses to for Lauren Ashley Design’s, Christmas Rendered

In an effort to encourage other designers to shop small this holiday season, Lauren Ashley Design will be highlighting small businesses throughout the country. I will not that these small businesses did not pay me to speak about their businesses or ask for any collaboration. I saught these businesses out because I genuinely loved their mission and product. As I have said before the Christmas Rendered event is not sponsored and we do not have any additional help besides my husband and I. I hope you will support these curated businesses and this post encourages you to shop small this holiday season.

Why Shop Small?

So let’s get started with the obvious question, “why shop small”? Most of us designers shop via trade or retail via an affiliate. These two methods have become the norm for designers for quite a while, especially trade being the ideal situation. However, have you noticed lately that we are unable to get the product in at a reasonable time lately? Yeah, I’m sure you have. 6 months + turnaround time of sofas for example doesn’t cut it for certain clientele. We have been put under eminence stress over the past few years trying to get a product that just isn’t there. However, you know what is there? Artisan-made items, antiques, and crafted items. Might seem old-fashioned to you? Don’t think that way. Antiques are making a comeback due to this very reason. Millennials, like myself, are like-minded in thinking antiques are a way we can reuse items, help the environment, and help our home feel more comforting which is important right now.


In her article “A Pandemic-Driven Love Affair With All Things Vintage” for The New York Times, Ronda Kaysen details how this change over the last few years has affected the design industry.

Ronda Kaysen explains that this interest has piked mostly amongst Millennials — tying into interiors trends like eclecticism and Grand Millennial design. This generation is “drawn to a vintage and antique look by Instagram.” They are “attracted to hard-to-find items and designer names they may have only recently discovered.”

Laura Interior Design

How to Shop Small?

Shopping small as an interior designer doesn’t mean you have to rethink your whole way of doing business. Just take a look at one of your current clients, ask yourself, “Can I incorporate a local artist, piece, or antique in this project”. Start with just one small piece, you never know the next project you might want to go all-in with an antique sofa!

How are we Shopping Small?

Over the next few weeks during Christmas Rendered you will be introduced to these four highlighted small businesses and their products that are truly unique. These products are being implemented throughout the Christmas Rendered home (see if you can spot them!) Each week when one is highlighted we will showcase a link or a way to get in touch with the artist. Christmas Rendered has evolved into a way to support small businesses in this way and it has truly added a new essence of satisfaction and joy to create such a magical experience for so many. I hope you will join me in supporting these small business owners.

Meet the Business Owners :

My father, Joseph Jenkins, is the owner of Granny Clampetts. He has spent his whole life in the retail industry but his true love is curating timeless pieces that need a second life. After his career in retail came to a close He turned his passion into a new jump-start, opening Granny Clampett’s.

Steve Smith is my fun-loving uncle who just happens to be quite the artist. I guess one would say my whole family is artistic in some way or the other. However, Steve has always been able to craft beautiful furniture pieces from rustic materials. Currently, Steve is using pipes to create amazing furniture that I have in my own home.

You can purchase his pieces or contact Granny Clampetts

Heather started Modern Comforts Home by Innovatus Design as a way to help regular people make their homes feel pulled together. She created an affordable pillow and home goods line that’s designed to be mixed and matched to remove the guesswork from accessorizing the perfect home. Select your favorite colorway and corresponding patterns, then order pillows in various sizes to mix and match. It’s an instantly curated look without any fuss. Now anyone can achieve a designer look for their home.

Heather has graciously offered my audience an exclusive coupon code! : ChristmasRendered

Save 15% when you purchase two or more items from the store!! Thank you, Heather!

Janiece started her small business, Say It With A Note after love for photography grew in her heart. She captures her love for nature while embracing a long-lost art of a handwritten note. Bringing back the sending the art of a note is her goal while expressing herself through photos.

Janiece Is having a sale this holiday season with code: CHRISTMAS25

25% off any order over $20

SALE ENDS 12/11/21

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